How This Whole Thing Got Started

For 20+ years, I ran a successful consulting group and traveled the country speaking and training. About ten years ago I created Think of Your Entrepreneurial Future for AARP and began to work on Age Discrimination in Employment projects.  A few years later, I was hired to apply behavior change theory to a planning program for women. Everywhere I went, people would ask me how did I start my business and keep it profitable for over two decades.

After the Great Recession, I watched dozens of valuable mature workers get laid off because they couldn't find a job--for years. Some ended up in dead end positions making far less money. Others loss their homes while they were sitting on a fortune...their talents and skills.

Over the years, I saw others stressed at work, underpaid and under-appreciated by much younger bosses. They wanted to offer more to their work. I call these people bored-spitless. I wanted to help because it truly saddens me to see people living far beneath their God-given talents, gifts, skills and passions.

The bottom line is this -- If you want something more -- more income and an opportunity to become who they were meant to be, then the Limit-less Course is for you!

After coaching mature folks on how to make money using what they already know, testing accountability groups, and creating a number of successful training programs, I decided to share my knowledge online so I can help thousands of seasoned professionals discover their true self and profit without the hassle of having to travel to a specific location. But don't worry, the tools I use for my courses are simple to use.