Do the Hustle Without the Hassle Quick Start Training

Learn a Quick, Simple, Affordable Way to Make Money Using the Online Gig Economy

Do you want or need to make extra money but you don't want the hassle of putting out lots of cash or creating a 40 page business plan that you may never use? Are you interested in a quick way to earn income online without a website, a domain name or a tech person sitting by your side? Let the Gig Income Guru show you how you can tap into the online gig marketplace AND establish your offline freelance offering.

You’ll Learn:

How you can transform your talents (what you were born with), skills (what you have learned along the way) and passions (that dream that just will not die) into a steady income source.

Secrets for testing your freelance concept before you waste your time, energy and money.

How you can outsell other workers in the gig marketplace.

To avoid costly mistakes working in the gig economy.

Angela Heath, The Gig Income Guru

BONUS Materials

  • Personalized list of 25 tools and apps selected especially for your money making venture
  • FREE 30 minute consultation with Angela Heath to answer any questions you have
  • FREE PDF Copy of Do the Hustle Without the Hassle 

Angela has a keen ability to understand issues and make practical recommendations for business development. Not only is she a serious professional, she is a caring individual.

Paul Burden

Our Voice, Founder

Angela genuinely cares about people and makes consistent strong efforts to provide the tools and instructions so people can fish for themselves.

Katherine Dudley Hoehn


Angela Heath is an awesome business coach for baby boomers pursuing entrepreneurship as either an encore career or a source of addtional income. 

Elisse Barnes

Your LinkedIn Driving Instructor

The Quick Start Training

3 Sessions  

7:00 to 8:30 PM - 3 Powerful Sessions

August 29 Your Product or Service - Get clear about what you offer to the marketplace and who will buy it.

September 5 - The Online Gig Economy and You - Discover the tools and apps that are easy to learn but have huge impact.

September 12 - Online and Off-line Success - Learn to combine both worlds to earn income quickly.  

About the Trainer

People are searching for creative alternatives to earn income. Today, 34% of the workers are hustlers or gig workers. This figure is growing exponentially.  

No one knows this better than Angela Heath, the Gig Income Guru. As a 20 year business veteran, she teaches people how to “do the hustle,” make money using their years of experience tapping into easy-to-use technology. Angela offers quick and affordable solutions. 

When Angela’s son was diagnosed with leukemia twice, she could not work for years. She learned 

how to “Do the Hustle” and now teaches her low-hassle strategies for earning income to seasoned professionals. 

What matters most to you is that Angela knows these issues very well and has been designing programs and materials for this market for years. She is sought out by the media because she provides solutions that work.  

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