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Receive the GIG Assessment for your use with clients to help them identify their gig possibilities.

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Gig Assessment Lite

Mindset Shift Tool

50 Online gig sites

Online Gig Marketplace

Receive a database of 50 gig websites so you can match clients with websites that provide jobs in their interest areas.

Handouts for Your Clients

What to do if you are fired

3 secrets to attract employers and clients

Lessons for the unemployed

Gigwork Journey

Learn how to take clients through a process to launch them into profitable gig work.

Great Bonuses

PDF of Do the Hustle Book

Gig Revolution: 7 Tips

Working Quicker and Smarter Using Gig Economy Resources

Gig Income Guru


Angela Heath, the Gig Income Guru

My name is Angela Heath, the Gig Income Guru. My company is TKC Incorporated, an idea studio dedicated to guiding individuals and businesses in leveraging the gig economy. I have been an entrepreneur most of my adult life.  

For over 20 years, I was blessed to lead a successful consultancy, win national awards and create educational and behavioral change programs. I have traveled to every state except five, speaking and training. But then my life took a dramatic turn.

My only child was diagnosed with cancer, not once, but twice. For about 3.5 years, I stopped working to be by his side during the grueling treatment. With my savings and investments exhausted, I came to the conclusion that I must find a way to stop trading time for dollars. So I learned to hustle differently by taking advantage of 21st century tools.

Today, my company builts online and inperson offerings to address the urgent needs that result from the gig economy. TKC Incorporated target corporations, career coaches, the employment industry as well as individuals guiding them to leverage the new world of work and help their clients and employees hustle happy!

Join me at the upcoming #BoomConference in the Washington DC area on June7th. Learn more at

What People are Saying...

"Angela is a nationally sought after public speaker and subject matter expert with good reason. She’s that good. I highly recommend Angela as a keynote speaker, author, trainer, and business coach.  

Elisse Barnes, JD

Your LinkedIn Driving Instructor

Angela Heath has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to helping folks identify their passion(s); and then turning them into income producing ventures. She brings a sound, logical approach to her training and consulting which helps to motivate and push clients to the next level. 

Fay Mays Bester

MB Enterprises

I worked with Angela for a number of years. She's a great subject matter expert - particularly in the area of Caregiving, workforce development and entrepreneurship. She's an excellent team member who always goes above and beyond. Excellent communication skills- writing and public speaking.

Edna Kane Williams


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